Deer Creek Valley Ranch

64407 US Highway 285
Bailey, CO 80421
Phone: (303) 929-9133
Fax: (303) 265-9320

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As you wind along Highway 285 from Denver, you see hills and valleys rising and receding around you. The beautifully forested landscape varies from densely packed pines to rolling pastures dotted with wild mule deer or elk. You think to yourself: “This is truly amazing.” Then, just as you pass from Pine into Bailey, Deer Creek Valley Ranch presents itself to you. Once you have seen it, you will never forget it! The white covered entryway announces the name: Deer Creek Valley Ranch. The Historic Barn personifies the Old West as it is nestled against a dramatic rock outcropping that is crowned with majestic pines. With mountain peaks as the centerpiece of the backdrop, the picturesque valley that Deer Creek created seems to bring stories untold straight from mountains themselves.

Tim & Christian Marasciullo

Phone: 303-929-9133 (Office)
Fax: 303-265-9320

CeCe Malaterre
Cecelia “Cece” Malaterre
Venue Manager
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